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17-year-old Delhi school girl attacked with acid; stalker ex-boyfriend arrested

Two males attacked a Delhi schoolgirl with acid, causing 8% burn injuries to her face and neck. She is currently receiving therapy. Her situation is stable right now.

The degree of the facial burn injuries is being monitored by the doctors, and it will take 48 to 72 hours to see how much harm the acid attack has done overall.

An eye doctor was called in after the girl's relatives alerted the doctors that she experienced a burning feeling in her eyes.

The Class 12 student was critically hurt on Wednesday when two masked guys on a motorcycle splashed acid on her minutes after she left her home in west Delhi for school. The main accused is one of three people who have been taken into custody.

According to the authorities, the main suspect, Sachin Arora, had a connection with the youngster and attacked the girl three months after their breakup. They stated that he purchased the acid online from Flipkart.


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