• Harshita Malhotra

25 year old fakes his kidnapping; extorts money from family to buy a car


In Delhi's Dwarka neighbourhood, a 25-year-old man was detained on Thursday for reportedly fabricating his kidnapping and extorting money from his family, according to the police. The defendant lately experienced professional setbacks and was forced to sell his car. He chose to stage his kidnapping in order to obtain money from his father because he wanted to repurchase the car, according to police.

According to the police, the accused Prem Chand called his family on Wednesday from an unidentified number and claimed that he had been kidnapped by four to five individuals who demanded a ransom of Rs 2 lakh or else they would kill him.

When the phone was under observation, it was discovered that it had last been in use in Gurgaon's Dhankot neighbourhood. When the family and police arrived, they discovered a suspect riding a bike. The rider attempted to escape, but they caught him. Chand ended up being the person. He had staged the kidnapping, police discovered.