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300-400 Ukrainian troops blocked on Severodonetsk Azot Association chemical plant


Some 300-400 Ukrainian troops are blocked on the territory of the Severodonetsk Azot Association chemical plant, Rodion Miroshnik, the ambassador of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) to Russia said on Saturday. "About 300-400 Ukrainian soldiers are now blocked at Azot. They are positioned near the first gatehouse of the chemical plant. Up to 500 civilians who were hiding from shelling in the plant's bomb shelter may also remain there. There are more civilians on the territory [of the plant], but they are in other parts of the plant," Miroshnik said on Telegram.

The ambassador noted that the troops demanded that a safe passage for them together with the hostages from the territory of the plant to the city of Lysychansk be provided; however, Miroshnik said, such demands are unacceptable and will not be discussed.

Nevertheless, the ambassador said that the contact with the soldiers is established and negotiations on the safe exit of civilians from the territory of the plant are currently underway. Miroshnik added that the Ukrainian troops "will be guaranteed their lives and adequate treatment in accordance with international requirements if they release the hostages and lay down their arms."

(Except for the headline and the pictorial description, this story has not been edited by THE DEN staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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