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35 died, 134 injured in Russian airstrike at a military base near Lviv


At least 35 people are reported to be killed and 134 others have been injured at a military base near Lviv in Ukraine as Russia continued with airstrikes, regional governor Maksym Kozytskyy said. Defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov also confirmed the attack on Twitter, saying Russia has "attacked the International Center for Peacekeeping & Security near Lviv. Foreign instructors work here." According to local media reports, as many as nineteen ambulances with sirens are driving from the direction of the Yaroviv facility after the strike. With over two weeks into the invasion, Russian airstrikes have shifted further west, close to the city of Lviv and Ukraine’s border with Poland. On Saturday the Russian forces bombarded cities of Ukraine, pounding Mariupol in the south, shelling the outskirts of the capital, Kyiv, and thwarting the efforts of people trying to flee the violence.