4 new waterfalls at Asola-Bhatti Sanctuary in New Delhi's Neeli Jheel; LG receives backlash

New Delhi : LG VK Saxena approved four new artificial waterfalls in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary's Neeli Jheel. These waterfalls are intended to create attraction to tourists to develop the area into world eco-class tourism hub, according to LG's office.

These waterfalls at 100 ft height will be operated by noiseless generators that will pump the water and will be operated on solar generated electricity.

LG has made several visits to the area since taking up office and has asked officials to plan cafeterias and public amenities.

While the location is serene for leisure, environmentalists and experts are skeptical and heavily criticised the move. Not only leopards are in the area but migratory birds take habitat there. Moreover, it takes decades for flora and fauna to indulge in the habitat and this type of involvement with them will disrupt the area and the habitat spoiling decades of work. They recommend that tourism in the area should be wildlife based and not leisure based.