• Ruchika Rawan

$5 Billion ‘Moon’ resorts coming to Earth

|The Den|

Moon World Resorts, a Canadian architectural firm, announced plans last week to build a $5 billion resort resembling Earth's orbital cousin in US, Dubai, Singapore and Spain.

The project aims to provide visitors who do not have connections to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk with the opportunity to experience space tourism.

The area surrounding the resort's lunar surface dubbed the "lunar colony," is intended to simulate being on the Moon's surface. Visitors can also reserve one of 300 private boutique residences known as sky villas that will be housed in the main building's disc-shaped superstructure.

If you buy a villa, you will have access to the property's private members' club. Additionally, the “Moon” sphere will be lit-up at night to mimic the phases of the actual Moon.

The overall construction is expected to take two years and will reach a height of over 735 feet when completed. When completed, the project is expected to comfortably accommodate at least 2.5 million visitors.