• Syed Aamir Hussain

6 Airbags are to be mandatory in all cars!

6 Airbags could soon be mandatory in all passenger vehicles and we couldn't be happier reporting this major step towards safety on Indian roads. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has approved a notification requiring six airbags in cars with up to eight passengers. In an effort to increase road safety in India, the minister had earlier encouraged all carmakers to include six airbags as standard equipment on all vehicles, and this now takes his idea one step closer to reality.

“In order to enhance the safety of the occupants in motor vehicles carrying upto 8 passengers, I have now approved a draft GSR Notification to make a minimum of 6 airbags compulsory,” wrote Nitin Gadkari on Twitter.

Six airbags as standard in a car will, without a doubt, increase the vehicle's collision safety rating, albeit there may be some obstacles, especially in the budget category. For starters, it will definitely raise vehicle prices. A frontal airbag in a budget automobile costs between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, while side and curtain airbags might cost twice as much. A car with six airbags may cost up to Rs 50,000 more.

Let us hope that budget cars are also able to cope up with this change for the better, but surely cars that cost over 7-8 lakhs must incorporate this sooner than later. This will make sure Indian roads are safer for all drivers and passengers.