69 people, including 11 children fall ill after gas leaked from chlorine cylinder in Mysuru

Updated: Mar 9


Chlorine gas leakage from a 40-year-old cylinder at the Yadavagiri railway quarters in Mysuru on Monday has affected 69 people in the area. The gas leaked from the cylinder valve placed in a room for water purification at 3 pm. 69 people, including 11 children were taken ill after gas leaked from the chlorine cylinder used for water purification. Children were admitted to the hospital and given oxygen. Everyone's health is stable and placed on 24-hour surveillance.

The fire department and railway rescue crews have put efforts to stop the gas leak and cordoned off area up to 200 meters around the site of the incident. As a precaution, KRS road leading to the Dasappa circle was blocked for few hours. A team of experts inspected the railway quarters, creating an atmosphere of anxiety among the residents. Houses around the area have also been evacuated.

The gas leaked after the school hours when children were returning from home. Soon after they began to face respiratory problems while the women and men started falling sick. After this, emergency services were called and firefighters came to the rescue. They sprayed water on the area with the gas leak. The police had to block the KRS road for couple of hours, redirecting the traffic and advising them to move on the alternate route. Public and vehicular traffic in the area was restricted as well due to the presence of chlorine in the atmosphere.

According to Chief Fire Officer Jayaramu, the gas leak has been completely stopped and there is no need to panic. Suvarna, executive engineer of Vani Vilas Water Works, stated that the gas leak was reported from railway land. She confirmed that all VVWW employees are safe and that no health issues have been reported among them.

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