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A UK man charged 35,000 euros for 15 mins Uber ride


Oliver Kaplan, a 22-year-old, ordered an Uber cab from Manchester's Buxton Inn to the 6.4 km away tavern Witchwood. The inn's cook had just wrapped up his shift when he left to go meet some friends at the neighbourhood bar. He admitted to ordering a cab as normal to South West News Service. The situation appeared to be normal.

Uber's price range was between $10 and $11. And the chef gladly agreed to it. Kaplan boarded the vehicle after the driver informed him that the trip would take 15 minutes. Kaplan was utterly astonished when he woke up the next morning with a hangover following a night of drinking with his buddies. He was charged a huge amount of around 35,000 euros by Uber for the brief trip yesterday night.

The horrified client called Uber's customer care. Employees at Uber were as astonished as he was. The company's software engineers found that the drop-off location was modified unintentionally. Witchwood park in Victoria, Australia was substituted for Witchwood bar in Manchester, England.

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