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All BS4 diesel and BS3 petrol vehicles banned in Delhi to curb pollution; Rs 20,000 fine


According to a directive from the Commission for Air Quality Management, drivers of BS4 cars and SUVs fuelled by diesel are no longer permitted to use the roads in Delhi-NCR (CAQM). Yesterday, the CAQM had an urgent meeting and carried out Stage 4 of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). Yesterday, the average Air Quality Index reading in Delhi was 458, which is considered to be "Severe Plus." Until further directives from the CAQM, all BS4 diesel vehicles (both commercial and private) are prohibited from operating on the roads in Delhi-NCR.

However, both gasoline and diesel vehicles that comply with BS6 can be driven on Delhi's roadways.

A fine of Rs 20,000 will be imposed on people who violate these norms.

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