An Interview with Riya Dixit : The upcoming Supermodel


Riya Dixit is a fashion model and an influencer. She studied journalism at Amity university. She started creating fashion and fitness content as a hobby, but now it's her full-time career. Her efforts and skills have never let her down. She spreads positivity, exudes good vibes and inspires a lot of people. She not only excels in modeling but has also been a content writer during her college days. She has collaborated with over 10 brands. Modeling is her found love which has added a lot of feathers to her cap. Her beauty can make anyone fall for her.

Tell us a little about your journey?

I started with influencing during my college. I was doing bachelors from Amity University, and I used to dress up really well every day. My friends advised me to click pictures and start posting them on Instagram (as I wasn’t too active on Instagram). When I did that I saw the analytics of the posts, and someone suggested me to change my account to a business account. I didn’t know anything about blogging or content creation. I just posted a picture a day, and then the brands started contacting me. I did this for one year, when I saw other influencers having followers closer to mine, it felt good. Then i knew, i love this and i have to continue with this. I had no idea about how much i would earn, but i kept doing what i had to and now i’m earning five figures. You don’t need a lot of makeup, outfits and money to start.

What motivated you to move towards this direction in your career? Posting pictures was a side thing to me. Initially i did not think of it as a career, but then i started liking it. There was no burden or pressure. I just had to dress up and click pictures. When i started earning with this, I knew this was it. A lot of brands contacted me, and this motivated me that yes I am doing something great, and I can make this my career.

If you had one country to live in forever, which one would it be? Without a doubt, it will be London.

If you had to choose an alternate career, what would be your preference? If I wasn’t a blogger or an influencer I would have been a journalist.

Which is your favourite car to drive? Porsche, I drove it for a shoot and I loved it, it was amazing.

Three makeup products that you cannot do without. My lipstick, blush and mascara.

Coming to clothing, which is your favourite designer/ label? I have been wearing a lot of designer outfits when I used to shoot for brands, but there used to be something or the other that bothered me. I knew what suits me best so I decided why not come up with my own brand. So my favourite label is Shic story, which I will be launching soon.

Are you a beach person or a mountain person? I am a beach person, I love mountains too but I have a fear of heights so I’ll go with the beaches anyday.

Tell us about the best experience that you have had yet in the industry? My best experience was when I did an Auto expo for Renault cars, and I got so much appreciation and praises. It motivated me a lot.

How did your family support you through your journey? And who are you closest with? Initially I did influencing as a side thing, I didn’t talk about it much. They had no idea about blogging or influencing as at that time it wasn’t very common. So I decided not to talk about it much for 2 years. After the 3rd year when I started earning from it I was very loud about it in my family. They were not very comfortable but they believed in me. When I started earning 40-50,000 they were not too happy. But then I worked hard, I focused on building contacts with brands and when I started earning in 5 figures, my family was happy, that yes I’m doing something. When they got to know that their daughter is on billboards, she is working with brands, they started supporting me and now there’s no going back. My mom helps me with shoots, when I have to contact the brands my father helps me and my brother helps in clicking pictures. I am close to the whole family. Everyone helps me and supports me.