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As Met AFOs return after revolt of Chris Kaba murder charge, military support not needed

Chris Kaba

The Metropolitan Police says it no longer needs soldiers as Armed Firearms Officers return to duties.

Chris Kaba protest

The entire episode started when an unnamed AFO, currently being called NX121 was charged with murder of 24 year old, Chris Kaba who was killed in a shooting.

Met Police protest

The armed officers of Metropolitan Police handed in their carry permits to protest against the murder charge. Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has written to Home Secretary Suella Braverman where he calls for sufficient legal protection. Mainly he asks for changes to the "threshold for investigating police use of force and involvement with pursuits". Sir Mark says that, under the current system, firearms officers can "face years of protracted legal proceedings" and be "investigated for safely pursuing suspects, just because the suspect acts recklessly and as a result injures themselves or someone else".


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