Benefits and properties of Diamond (Heera)


Color - White, Blue, and Red

Planet - Venus

Traditionally seen as a symbol of fidelity, love, purity, innocence, and loving relationships, diamonds have been viewed throughout the ages as love-bearing crystals that are "dependable in their virtues when received as a gift." So it's no surprise that diamonds are used in our engagement rings.


It helps deal with negative energies as it is a rich source of power that helps eliminate supernatural fears. It helps to defeat and overcome the obstacles posed by the enemies or competitors. It enhances the intellect and brings prosperity, success, fame, and maintains general and artistic abilities It helps build a sincere approach to life. It brings marital happiness and helps keep loving relationships in harmony. Helps physical and mental health in general. It increases stamina and sexual power and also helps to keep the sense organs and vital organs such as the kidneys or the digestive system healthy.