Best Artists of all time!

Updated: Aug 18


Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, innovator, engineer, scientist, theorist, and architect. The Italian artist was a great visionary of the possibilities of art and science. An exceptional historical character, surrounded by an aura of mystery that has been supplied by the entertainment industry, increased his fame.

He is well known for his two remarkable paintings: The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Da Vinci also conceived of revolutionary ways to create powerful compositions. In fact, his characteristic triangular composition is still used today and is widely regarded as one of the most visually pleasing painting designs.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, possibly one of the most famous painters in the world. In addition to his artistic merits as one of the leaders of the Cubist movement, his high price on the art market and stories about his tumultuous love life have contributed to his popularity. His most popular paintings were Guernica, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and The Weeping Woman.

With an extensive career experimenting with multiple styles and creating more than 20,000 works, Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in Western art. He is known for showing how classic art can be mastered and then manipulated to become something new, fresh and modern.


The Dutch Master, Rembrandt van Rijn is considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art. Rembrandt painted everything from genre scenes to landscapes to large historical and mythological paintings and was the dominant force in Dutch art for much of the 17th century.

His masterful use of light and his refined and expressive approach to painting has made him a favorite among art lovers to this day. His popular masterpiece includes The Night Watch and The Return of the Prodigal Son.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a very prominent Dutch painter, he is a figure of the Post-Impressionism current, the followers of his art sympathize with the expressive interpretation of the motifs of his paintings, the bright colors, his loose brushstrokes, and his personal story full of drama, with a series of ups and downs between passion for art, and madness.

Although he was not commercially successful during his lifetime. But since the early 20th century, his expressive paintings have captivated the art world. He is well known for magnificent oil paintings like The Starry Night, Sunflower, and Irises.


Michelangelo was an Italian painter & sculptor and was famous for the naturalism of his sacred paintings and the theatrical use of chiaroscuro, of great influence on the development of the Baroque.

He is renowned for his epic ceiling mural on the Sistine Chapel, the David and Pietà, and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Sculpture remained Michelangelo's true love and he continued chiseling away in his home studio until the very end. Only days before he died at the age of 88, he was still working on the so-called “Rondanini Pieta,” which depicts Jesus in the Virgin Mary's arms.