Best Indian Artworks!

Updated: Aug 18


Three Pujarins Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy was a major figure in 20th-century Indian art history. One of her great works, The Three Pujarins, or Three Priestesses, is a tempera on paper masterpiece. Inspired by Bengal's folk art tradition, Roy experimented with vibrant colors and developed his own unique painting style, resulting in artwork that was a visual feast. He painted sensually with firm angular lines using the gouache technique. The painting depicts three women worshiping and has been painted with thick, black contour lines.

Bharat Mata Abanindranath Tagore

Bharat Mata, one of Abanindranath Tagore's most famous paintings, depicts a saffron-clad woman dressed as a sadhvi, holding a book, sheaves of paddy, a piece of white cloth, and a garland in her four hands. The painting became iconic as a result of its emotional and historical significance. The painting had such an impact that Bharatmata became the country's new deity, and it was used as a rallying point during all of the Quit- India marches.

Bindu Syed Haider Raza

Syed Haider Raza, a legendary modern artist who popularized Indian iconography around the world, never grew tired of the bindu or shunya, which became the focal point of energy in his work. Raza's art evolved continuously throughout his long and prolific career. By the 1970s, however, he had discovered the motif that would make him a legend: the bindu. His instantly recognizable trademark geometric abstract works, in addition to the bindu, explored themes such as Prakriti (nature), kundalini (primal energy), and tribhuj (triangle).

Self-Portrait Amrita Sher-Gill

Amrita Sher-Gil's self-portrait depicts one of India's most important modern artists at the age of 18. This is also the artist's first painting to be offered at Christie's London, and one of only eight canvases by Sher-Gil to be offered at auction worldwide. Sher-Gill's self-portrait is painted with almost hypnotic intensity, drawing the viewer into the artist's innermost psyche, where a sea of melancholy awaits.

Horses MF Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain, one of India's most prolific painters, enjoyed depicting the lively and free spirit of horses in many of his works from his early painting career until his death. The maestro's painting captures the power and energy of three horses in a full gallop through bold outlines that define the strong beasts. This painting, considered one of Husain's best works and a collector's dream.