• Parth Kakkar

Bouncers attack guests outside Gurgaon club Casa Danza after sexual harassment


Gurgaon, Haryana : Is it okay for male bouncers to molest or touch girls inappropriately entering the club in Gurgaon ? If that’s not all, is it okay to beat up the guy who objects ? Club Casa Danza believes so. They won’t advertise it but this happens when the lights turn dim and the music starts or at least happened on the intervening night of August 7-8, 2022.

According to witnesses, as a regular customer was entering the premises, she was held below her waist and pinched by the bouncer. When objected by the girl and her date, the bouncer pushed the guy and started abusing him. Realising that the situation is not civil, instead of retaliating with violence, the girl went upto the manager Lokesh who had witnessed the situation, who seemed amused and called out the other bouncers to beat up the couple. 8-10 bouncers were witnessed beating up an unarmed guy with sticks who was protesting modesty of the woman with her.

When another friend tried to protect the guy who was unconscious by the time and was still being beaten, the bouncers turned on him and snatched his valuables.

The guy was left unconscious in the middle of the road, the girls at the scene tried to reach the police about a 100 times but the police refused to respond.Finally, they tried to reach women helpline number to which the police reluctantly responded without any female constable and once they reached, they did not bother to speak to the club and instead victims were asked to go to the hospital to get a MLC.

Inspite of the guy getting a fractured nose and a concussion in the brain, the police did not bother the club and kept the party going.

Incidents like these make us realise the harsh truth that the common woman can be groped and molested in a club and the authorities won’t make a move against a club and if a common man objects, he can be beaten down with happens in a group in the middle of the road. Is the police responsible for protection of the law, the people or the club owners with their deep pockets.

Just an indication of laws broken : Molestation and sexual harassment (Sec 354, 354A), abusive language threat to life (Sec 504, 506), violence with sticks (Sec 352) and the authorities refused to act. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST INCIDENT AT CASA DANZA and with no intervention by the authorities, it is certainly not the last.