Car of the month - Audi A6


At least visually, the A6 is strikingly similar to its predecessor. The bonnet and side surfaces are streaked with character lines, giving it a neat and appealing appearance. The front end has distinctive headlights and a huge hexagonal grille. The new model's cabin is just as roomy, cosy, and well-built as earlier A6s, but it has a lot more digital dazzle.

Priced between 60-65 lakhs ex-showroom the Audi A6 is probably the most flashy and luxurious you can get for that money. The A6 also sports a variety of optional driver-support

functions, such as automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping aid.

The inside of the Audi A6 dazzles passengers with a high-tech setting while encasing them in an attractively designed shell. Even though its sharper hatchback sibling, the Audi A7, draws

more attention, the smart sedan nonetheless provides a thoroughly opulent experience that is simple to enjoy. Inside, the decor changes from being elegant to being showy.

The A6's interior is streamlined, contemporary, and well constructed from high-quality components. The A6's seats and armrests are covered in plush leather, the dash and doors have tastefully applied rich-looking wood and nickel-finished metal trim, and the majority of the vehicle's secondary controls are located on a sizable touch-sensitive panel that is located

underneath the main infotainment display. All of the passengers will be comfortable for a lengthy drive in the A6 thanks to the abundance of legroom throughout.

The Audi A6 can only be powered by a petrol engine. The 2.0- liter petrol engine in the 45TFSI version of the car complies with BS-VI emission standards. The front wheels receive the power from this engine's 245 bhp/370 Nm output through a seven-speed S-Tronic transmission. The Audi A6 is a stunning vehicle that is enjoyable to drive and is loaded with modern conveniences.

The A6 outperforms as a luxury sedan than just a sports sedan, despite its superb cornering grip and stability. Although the car never seems fully engaged when tackling tricky portions of road, you will appreciate its balanced handling and precision steering. The Audi A6 is the Car of the Month because it's a terrific car to own, drive and live with.