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2024 BMW i8 M

The BMW i8 M is slated to make a comeback in 2024, with a PHEV powertrain producing 600 horsepower, just like M- powered automobiles, and a slew of BMW M Performance Parts on the interior and exterior. The i8 M will be distinguished from the model it will eventually replace by a significant increase in power, a longer all-electric driving range, new styling, and a more competent chassis.

The BMW i8 was a gorgeous car, and while it was not a huge hit with the public, the plug-in hybrid showcased all of BMW's strengths in terms of driving and style. The BMW i8 coupe and roadster, however, were withdrawn in 2020 after a few years on the market and the launch of an i8 roadster. The 2024 i8 M manages to improve on its predecessor's aesthetics and promises to be an even better automobile.

Following in the footsteps of the BMW i8, which featured a turbocharged hybrid engine with two electric motors producing a combined 369 horsepower and powering the AWD system, the 2024 BMW i8 M is expected to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a more powerful and possibly larger turbocharged engine with two and possibly three electric motors producing a combined 600 horsepower and powering the AWD system.

BMW has been tight-lipped on parameters like battery size, although the Vision M Next concept's electric driving range is claimed to be 62 miles. That means either BMW engineers found a way to get a lot more miles out of the present car's 11.6- kWh battery pack, or they found room for a considerably larger one.

In the world of in-car infotainment, a lot may happen in three or more years, so details about what the i8 M might provide are anyone's guess. BMW debuted the Boost Pod, a futuristic take on infotainment that consists of many glass screens and a head-up display that gives the driver access to car-related information and on-board entertainment functions, in the Vision M Next concept.

As a BMW I vehicle, it will be loaded with technology on the inside and out, including a touchscreen with the most recent version of the iDrive interface and a heads-up display as a standard feature. There will be numerous safety features as standard, as well as numerous driver-assist features. This exciting sports car will undoubtedly impress, and it's a concept car we can't wait to see.