Concept car of the month : BMW XM


For the month of January, we have chosen the recently launched BMW XM to be the concept car of the month. The German luxury car brand leveraged its long-established cultural involvement for a star-studded evening in South Beach to debut the Concept XM, as part of its 50-year commitment to honouring the arts in significant ways.

The Concept XM is a clear sign of where exotic supercars are headed, as it is the first electric production of its kind and just the second-ever M model.

BMW's design team took inspiration from the past, employing vintage-looking butterscotch leather and a jewel-toned emerald green interior. As a result, a more advanced style of luxury emerges, as well as a distinct sense of space.

According to a press release from BMW, production of the XM will begin in late 2022 at the company's Spartanburg, South Carolina plant. The BMW XM concept has a V8 engine that a pitch-dark roof unlike any other was also juxtaposed, with three-dimensional shapes used to create the illusion of something more cosmic. The external quality of the XM is also based on this dual theme, with additional rooftop headlights and two-textured paint treatments. A smoky, matte top and a sleek, glossy bottom, complete with 23-inch sumptuous grills, are perfect for anyone who values the finer things in life.

Although the XM isn't an all-electric vehicle, BMW has stated that by 2030, half of its new vehicles would be totally electric. It's working on all-electric versions of its 5 and 7 Series sedans, as well as the X1 SUV.

The Concept XM's cockpit is overwhelming to say the least. Brown leather, copper, and carbon-fibre are used to create a driver-focused design. The trim lines clearly separate the driver's area from the rest of the interior, indicating that this is a BMW M vehicle. Around the cabin, carbon-fibre intertwined with copper thread forms a sporty backdrop for the new BMW curved display, while BMW M colours are apparent on the three vertical central console pieces. Even the passenger's feet rest on deep-pile carpeting in the back seats, which are upholstered in a soft fabric with leather headrests.