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Couple from Spain cancels India visit after reaching New Delhi Airport

Pablo Manvel, 33 year old export-import business on a vacation to India, had to cut short their trip as soon as landing and returned back to their country.

Excited to visit India and cover Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in 13 days, Pablo had booked a vehicle to drive through the country. He booked the vehicle via Bengaluru based travel company and were impressed by the pictures of the vehicles they offered but once they reached the vehicle, they felt nothing but duped. They paid over 1 lakh for the vehicle and refused to accept the vehicle in its condition.

After ruckus, the employee of the agency offered them another vehicle but this vehicle too was in no condition acceptable to the couple.

Disappointed and frustrated, the couple decided to approach the police and were really happy how the police intervened. The travel agency, after intervention by the police agreed to refund the amount.

The couple claimed the pictures shown by the travel agency were really up to the mark and the condition of the vehicles provided was nowhere the same but rather totally unacceptable. The couple then decided to return to the country cancelling the trip. Actual reason for the cancellation is still speculated but assumed that the experience at the airport with the travel agency made them cancel their trip.