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Gujarat elections - pregame to 2024 Lok Sabha elections - Kejriwal vs Modi Semi-final

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, on Thursday announced elections to Gujarat Assembly in two phases. Out of the 182 seats, elections to 89 seats will be held in the first phase on December 1 and to the remaining 93 in the second phase on December 5. There will be 51,000 polling station set across the state and 160 companies of Central Armed Forces will implement the Model Code of Conduct which comes in effect from today.

These elections are not like any other since, it is being called a semi final between Prime Minister Narendar Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. BJP has held Gujarat for two decades and is the home of the Narendar Modi. A source that asked not to be named said, "If Arvind Kejriwal wins Gujarat, he will without doubt be the face of Aam Aadmi Party for Prime Minster candidate in 2024". Arvind Kejriwal has already won two states with clean majorities and is continuously expanding. These elections are not for Gujarat but a pregame to the 2024 elections. It will define the political capital of Arvind Kejriwal against Narendar Modi.