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Best Horror movies and TV shows 2022

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Some of the after effects of watching a horror show include cold

sweats, nervous laughter, stiff muscles, muffled screams, and,

if all goes well, a night when it is particularly difficult to fall

asleep. And who knows why we still love to experience fear in a

movie theater. While we decode this mystery, let's find some of

the most horror movies and TV shows which you probably would not like to see more than once.


In the small town of Derry, a gang of seven kids known as "The

Losers Club" resides who have to deal with their daily problems

with the school bullies. However, their life takes an unexpected

turn when a great threat looms over them in the summer after

a spate of strange deaths causes panic and terror in the town.The group of friends goes in search of the killer. Subsequently,

they discover that the crimes were committed by an evil entity:

a sadistic monster named Pennywise who wears a horrible

clown costume. Now the friends have to overcome their own

personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown,

Pennywise. And though It does contain plenty of heartwarming and funny scenes, it is also sprinkled with just enough genuine horror to

still terrify you. This creates an exceedingly rare movie that

can thoroughly frighten you while also making you laugh at the

same time. A must-see for any fan of horror or comedy and clown for sure!

Nightmare on the Elm street

It's a big '80s classic film offering you plenty of feverish

atmospheres, tight suspense, and good scares! On Elm Street,

teenage girl Nancy Thompson and her group of friends,

including Tina Gray, Rod Lane, and Glen Lantz, are met by one

strange being who torments them while they sleep.For several days they all share the same dream, which always ends up turning into a horrific nightmare. Where they are watched by a sharp metal-clawed killer named Freddy Krueger, who always has his face half hidden under a straw hat. Now the twist is if they die in a dream, the spirit

of a serial killer will kill them in real life. Scary enough!

Final destination

Final Destination is an American horror film series consisting

of 5 films. Every film depicts a deadly catastrophe. One person

among all the victims has a vision that reveals the sordid

background of this future massacre. After this terrible vision,

the person tries to save others. Moreover, after cheating death

once survivors will discover that a supernatural force is on

their heels and they try to escape it. But death doesn't like

escaping its plans and pursues those destined to die.

Bird box

A mysterious force has conquered the earth. Only one thing is

certain: if you see it, you die. Yes! Just by looking at the

creatures, people go into hypnotic mode and instantly die by

suicide. Malorie has managed to survive with her two children,

who is now gathering the strength to leave the shelter they

have been living in. For two days, blindfolded, they will

undertake a dangerous journey to find a better place, but they

will soon find that something is following them. The story is adapted from the novel by Josh Malerman. The best part is that we will never see the strange creature on screen that is killing so many people. All we can see is a black shadow with a strong wind. Nevertheless, it is enough to captivate the audience for 90 minutes with a gripping thriller.

The shining

The Shining is indeed one of the greatest horror films of all

time. The thrilling sensation of the acting, cinematography, and

music is just amazing. It follows Jack Torrance, a married man

with a son, Danny. One day, Jack takes a job as a security guard

at an isolated hotel. The job consists of spending the whole winter there with his family and taking care of the grounds. The family moves there, but what they don't realize is that the moment they step

through the door of the hotel, their lives have changed. Gradually, little Danny begins to perceive something strange, dark forces inhabiting the hotel and beginning to exercise their power and influence over the residents. And it is that the place is marked by a past full of violence and destruction. Jack gradually loses his mind and eventually becomes a violent psychopath ready to murder his family. Only Danny, possessor of a gift known as "The Shining", will be able to prevent it.


The American television series revolves around Lucifer

Morningstar, a beautiful and powerful angel cast out of heaven

for treason. As a devil, he has been bored and unhappy as the

Lord of Hell for billions of years. He gives up his throne in

defiance of his father (God) and leaves his kingdom for Los

Angeles, where he eventually runs his own nightclub called

"Lux".He becomes involved in a murder case with Detective Chloe

Decker and is subsequently invited to the LAPD to solve the

cases by using his power to manipulate humans into revealing

their deepest desires. Various celestial and demonic threats

descend on Los Angeles throughout the series. At the same time, Lucifer and Chloe appreciate each other.

Stranger things

An American science fiction horror drama television series

takes place in a small Indiana town called Hawkins during the

1980s. Everything seems normal in this small town when Will

Byers, a 12-year-old boy, mysteriously disappears without a

trace. Everyone is worried about little Will and his friends have

conducted a search for him. It is precisely at this moment that the story becomes even stranger with the appearance of Eleven, a girl who fled from an unknown place who is in shock and unable to say anything, and moreover, She has strange telekinetic powers that make her

nose bleed when she uses them. This girl will become part of the search party for the missing young boy. But everything is getting more complicated every day due to a series of rather strange events that come from a parallel reality called "The Other Side". What nobody knows, or at least initially, is that these events are caused by some kind of experiment by the United States government itself.


Constantine is an American occult detective drama television

series that revolves around John Constantine, a demon hunter,

and supernatural expert who has to deal with his ancient sins

while protecting the innocent from mysterious threats that

constantly invade our world due to the "Increasing Darkness".

Balancing his actions along the lines of good and evil,

Constantine uses his abilities and a prediction map to travel

the nation and send those horrors back to their own world, all

in hopes of redeeming his soul from eternal torment.

The walking dead

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror

television show which centers on a police officer Rick Grimes

who wakes up from his coma and discovers that the world he

knew is now a collapsed and violent one in which people are

turning into murderous zombies, creatures he will call

"walkers". After getting over an initial shock, Rick is reunited

with his family and joins a group of survivors he leads to try to

survive in a now wild and brutal environment


It's a dark urban fantasy, with horror and sci-fi stories

interspersed with the occasional humorous moment. Starring

the Winchester brothers racing through the streets in their '67

Chevy Impala car in the United States and battling every kind

of supernatural threat they encounter along the way. Dean and

Sam, sons of the hunter of supernatural entities John Winchester, are two brothers dedicated to fighting against evil entities that roam the Earth, be they ghosts, demons, vampires, or zombies.

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