How a Russian hacked and compromised one of the most secure & competitive exams of India - JEE Mains

The JEE Mains, one of the most cutthroat & competitive exams in India, which is handled by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was compromised by a Russian national, Mikhail Shargin.

Mikhail Shargin hacked the 2021 JEE Mains by hacking the TCS software and providing remote access to teachers or capable people to take exams for students. The remote access was provided through a centre in Sonepat, Haryana where the people taking exams received 12-15 lakhs per student.

20 students were found by CBI to be a part of the scandal, after raids in multiple cities, and were banned for three years.

Mr. Shargin landed in New Delhi from Kazakhstan, where he was detained by the airport authority who were aware of him being wanted. He was later arrested.