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Interview with designer Divneet Kaur

This month, we have someone special from the fashion world. With a bespoke collection and her unique taste in fashion, the upcoming designer of India, Divneet Kaur can make anyone blend in the crowd and still stand atop. Her designs can make any man turn his eyes and woman envious. With the success of her first collection, “Aadila”, she is soon launching her second collection.

An Interview with Divneet Kaur

What was the inspiration behind starting your own label? So it has always been part of the plan. Working with the designers and their style, My vision towards design always evolved. My inspiration was to always focus on inspiring women and looking polished and relaxed.

What was the first piece of clothing you designed? So it was long ago in my teens when I had to envision what i wanted to wear for an occasion. I was not able to find the same. So it came down to me designing, sourcing and getting it all made by myself. The first piece of clothing was an embellished blazer, and it was for a reception.

If you could style any superstar, who would you choose? Michelle Obama, for the win.

Your collections have highly intellectually attractive names like Gul, Elena. So what is the idea behind these names? So the idea behind the design concept, behind the collection was bringing in Victorian style. And so these names when called out, reflecting elegance and a strong personality.

What are the obstacles that you face as a budding designer? As a budding designer, I would say that it's like a growing child to me right now and from the design perspective to reaching out to the world in the right way.

In a country like India where people tend to go for knock offs, how do you plan to capture the market? I feel that the thought process has changed completely. And Indian women work with minimalistic to quirky styles. And my table will always reflect women in every form.

Which is your favourite designer or label? I don't really do favourites, but I look up to every designer and what they're offering.

Tell us something about your next collection? I’m excited about my next collection for sure and don’t really want to give spoilers about it, but focusing on a contrast of bold colors.