KRK makes his Twitter comeback after returning from jail

Updated: Sep 14


Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, made his Twitter comeback recently after his return from jail, when he announced, "I am back for my vengeance." The actor and self-proclaimed film critic was granted bail a few days ago after he was arrested by police from Mumbai airport in connection with his old tweets on actor Akshay Kumar and other Bollywood celebs, as well as a molestation case registered against him. On Tuesday, Kamaal shared an update on Twitter, and said he had lost weight after ‘surviving with only water’ for 10 days, while he was in jail.

Days after a tweet from Kamaal R Khan's verified Twitter account alleged that the actor-turned-critic was being tortured and facing threats to his life, KRK’s latest tweet was related to his health, and garnered a range of reactions from Twitter users. On Tuesday, Kamaal tweeted, “I was surviving with only water for 10 days in lockup. So, I have lost 10kg weight.”

One person reacted to KRK’s tweet, and said, “How is that medically even possible? Even with enormous labour and only drinking water, it is impossible to lose 10kg in 10 days. Be it muscle mass or even fat, it is not possible.” Another one seemed to agree, “10 din me 10 kilo (10kg in 10 days), is it even possible?” One Twitter user wondered if she too could follow in KRK's footsteps and achieve similar results. She tweeted, “Can I lose 10kg weight in 10 days by only drinking water?”

One person joked about KRK’s weight and tweeted, “Baaki jo 8 kg reh gaya hai usko sambhal ke rakhein, ghabrana nahi hai Kamaal saab (Don’t be afraid and make sure to retain the remaining 8kg of your weight).” One person tweeted a photo of Kamaal and wrote, “Imagine losing another 10kg muscle mass from here.”

Meanwhile, others were curious why KRK did not review Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s latest film Brahmastra that released on September 9. A person tweeted, “The world is waiting for your Brahmastra review.” Another one wrote, “Please review Brahmastra! Why did you stop reviewing?” Responding to the tweet, a user said, “Poor man is in pain and people are asking him for a movie review… let him breath, he’s traumatised.”

KRK was arrested for two different cases, a 2020 case of alleged derogatory tweets about Akshay Kumar and filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma, and a molestation case registered against him at the Versova police station in 2021. In the 2020 case, police had said that KRK's tweets were communal and he targeted Bollywood personalities. However, he said in his bail plea that the tweets in question were only his comments on the film titled Laxmii Bomb (released as Laxmii) and no offence as alleged by the police was committed.

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