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Ludhiana police arrested 82 people in a day for drinking in cars

Police performed a total of 13 surprise raids across the city on Monday night, cracking down hard on public drinking. Police made 82 arrests for drinking alcohol in public while parked in their cars in as many as 44 cases. Additionally, the squads detained restaurant proprietors who had fed lawbreakers and promoted drinking in public.

A further warning was issued by Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu, who also began a campaign against drunk driving in the city and indicated that similar operations will continue on a regular basis.

The city's residents, according to the complainants, frequently make lewd remarks and engage in altercations, which disturb the law-and-order situation. The police chief said he had received several complaints about the growing trend of public drinking and eatery owners encouraging the activity by serving food to violators.

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