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  • Harshita Malhotra

Murder case registered against Jaipur NDPS court's judge

A judge of a local court has been charged with murder after receiving a complaint from the family of one of his employees who allegedly set himself on fire and died.

In relation to the passing of Subhash Mehra, a lawsuit was filed on Sunday against KS Chalana, a judge of the NDPS Court in Jaipur.

On November 10, Subhash Mehra, who was working at the judge's Kamla Nehru Nagar home, allegedly doused himself in flammable liquid and set himself ablaze on the roof. While receiving therapy, he passed away in the hospital.

Subhash Mehra's family members and the Judicial Employees' Union launched an uprising after his passing, claiming that the judge should be charged with murder. The union also asked that the family members receive fair compensation, and he said that the unrest was still ongoing.