• Harshita Malhotra

Rajasthan teacher undergoes a sex change operation to marry student


In Rajasthan, a teacher who had undergone gender transformation wed a student on Sunday. In order to marry Kalpana Fouzdar, Meera, a physical education teacher in Bharatpur, had a sex change procedure.

Meera, who is now Aarav Kuntal, informed reporters that she had changed her gender because "all is equal in love." In the school's physical education lessons, Meera first encountered Kalpana.

In addition to apparently travelling to Dubai for an international kabaddi competition in January, Kalpana participated in kabaddi at the state level. Aarav claimed that he had always wanted to be a male and that he fell in love with Kalpana while they were interacting on the school playground.

"Despite being born a girl, I always believed I was a boy. I've always wanted to get gender-transfer surgery. My first surgery was in December of this year "explained he.