• Harshita Malhotra

Stalker arrested for killing woman in Delhi's Northwest area


Police announced on Tuesday that they had detained a 29-year-old male in connection with the murder of a 45-year-old lady who was shot dead at her home in northwest Delhi's Wazirpur JJ Colony days earlier. The victim had been involved with the accused suspect, Rohit Gupta alias Sonu, according to the police, but he shot her on Friday after she ended their connection.

"A firearm that the man who was arrested had obtained to kill the woman has yet to be found. He has admitted to throwing the crime's weapon into a drain. The effort to recover it is ongoing. In order to escape being apprehended, the suspect had been hiding out in several hotels and often relocating, according to a senior police official involved in the investigation.

According to authorities, information came to light during the investigation that the woman had left her husband and was dating a younger man before ending it when she discovered that he was also having an affair.

"Gupta wanted to keep the relationship going, but the woman wasn't ready for it. If she didn't comply with his demands, he had been threatening to kill her. He just bought a firearm to shoot her. After a disagreement on Friday, he went to her home and shot her many times, the officer claimed, adding that Gupta was detained on Monday.