Sushil Modi trolls Tej Pratap Yadav, says 'elder prince with smaller chair'


After claiming that Nitish Kumar wanted to be the Vice President of India, BJP's Sushil Kumar Modi on Thursday launched a vicious attack on Tejashwi Yadav and also did not spare Tej Pratap Yadav. The young deputy CM will be the de-facto chief minister, Sushil Modi said adding that Nitish Kumar's body language towards Tejashwi gives enough evidence towards that. He also took a dig at Tej Pratap calling him the 'elder prince with smaller chair'.

"The chief minister was seen taking his young deputy to his chair by holding his hand. This clearly shows who is the de-factor CM and who has got the favour," Sushil Modi said. "The chair remains the same but the fate of the person sitting is different," the BJP leader who also sat on the chair for years said.

Drawing a parallel between his security when he was the deputy CM and that of Tejashwi, Sushil Modi said he was never given a bullet-proof car, not Z plus security either. "With minimum security, I served the public for a long time from the government residence of 1 Polo Road," Sushil Modi tweeted. "How come they need so much security while people are now scared that they have come to power," he added.

In his earlier stint as the deputy CM, Tejashwi got 46 ACs installed in the government resident provided to him, Sushil Modi claimed. "The messiah of the poor even fought in the Supreme Court against leaving the bungalow even after he was removed from the post. He must have thought the palace suits a prince. How come an NDA's deputy CM, who is only eligible for BPL-level services, can stay there?" Sushil Modi wrote.

Taking a dig at Tej Pratap, Sushil Modi said though the elder prince will get a smaller chair, he must get his favourite health department so that the public remains entertained -- health infrastructure improves or not.

On Tuesday, Nitish Kumar decided to walk out of the NDA alliance and within hours, he staked a claim to set up a new government with the RJD, the Congress, HAM and other Left parties. On Wednesday, Nitish Kumar took the oath as the chief minister and Tejashwi Yadav became his deputy. The dramatic change of guard in Bihar has now triggered a war of words between the BJP and the Mahagathbandhan. Nitish Kumar on Thursday laughed off Sushil Modi's claim that the alliance between the BJP and JD(U) soured because Nitish Kumar was not made the vice-president.

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