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Woman steals necklace worth lakhs from showroom; CCTV footage


Security footage shows a lady stealing a gold necklace set worth lakhs from an Uttar Pradesh jewellery store while wearing dark glasses and a mask.

The occurrence happened on November 17. The "masked" woman was seen in the video seated among a crowd of buyers at the Gorakhpur showroom. Due to the sunglasses and mask covering her face, it is difficult to see her face. It turned out to be a component of her strategy for avoiding capture.

In the video, as she asks the salesperson to model one necklace, the woman looks through a number of necklaces and expertly tucks a box under the folds of her saree. The "finicky consumer" pretends to look at a few more pieces before walking out empty-handed. The salespeople placed the boxes away with no suspicions and without noticing a single pair was missing.

A gold necklace and pair of earrings valued at lakhs were inside the package that the woman was able to steal.

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