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5 most romantic places to celebrate Valentine's day around the world


The day of lovers should be special anywhere they happen to be but what can be a better way of having a delightful Valentine’s Day than taking a trip with your special one? Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, you and your partner can decide if you want to confess your love on a mountain, on the beach, under the starry night, or inside a monument. Here are the five most romantic places to head to this valentines -

Paris, France

From beautiful buildings to seductive walks and alluring art, Paris is the ultimate city for lovers making it perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. Since the city of light has romantic magic built into its DNA, it can deliver you the most unexpected & authentic sort of romance; perhaps when you're strolling with your valentine down a quiet, unassuming alley, or admiring a painting together at a little- known but magnificent museum.

Santorini, Greece

What else can be more romantic than holding hands and watching sunsets? If that is what you want this valentines then Santorini awaits you. With its electric blue skies, white- coloured houses, and the dark blue ocean, and quaint churches, this city will leave you with long lasting memories. This insanely beautiful city is full of pure romance, just watch the sunrise every morning over crystal blue waters on Perissa beach with your sweetheart.


If you are a mountain lover then Switzerland is a patently perfect place for you to celebrate your special day. from hillside restaurants with traditional dishes to large terraces; you will find romance in every single place. You can Ski in the mountains during the day on the white powdery snow and dinner by a burning log fire at night. Lush green mountains, beguiling turquoise lakes, adventurous Swiss Alps & picturesque villages make this enchanting nation a perfect destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your darling.

Ibiza, Spain

Who doesn’t love beaches? Then why not take off to Ibiza this time, yes you heard that right! It may not come under most romantic places but it’s the best place to visit for sun, sand and fun. Ibiza; with its sunny winter days and spectacular color-filled sunsets with profusions of pink, orange and yellow, is an exceptionally pretty romantic setting.

Jammu & Kashmir, India

If you are deciding to celebrate your love in the middle of snow capped hills then you can not find a better place than Kashmir - Known for the heaven of romantic valleys and exotic views. With stunning snow-clad mountains, beautiful valleys and refreshing lakes, this place is all set to make your Valentine memorable. Don’t forget to take a ride in a Shikara boat and throw snowballs at each other.

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