Amit Malviya criticises Arvind Kejriwal, calls him urban naxal


BJP leader Amit Malviya called Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal an urban naxal after Kejriwal's Assembly speech on Thursday in which the Delhi chief minister said instead of making the movie tax-free, the makers can just upload it on YouTube and make it free for all. Following Kejriwal's suggestion, BJP leaders on social media shared Kejriwal's old tweets where he had made Nil Battey Sannata tax free in Delhi in 2016 and Saand ki Aankh in 2019. ‘Kejriwal exposed’ started trending on Twitter. Why didn't Kejriwal advise putting these films on YouTube? Why tax free in Delhi? And out of these people, at whose feet Kejriwal must have fallen! Because Kashmir Files is on the genocide of Hindus, this urban naxal is getting pain in the stomach!" Amit Malviya tweeted.

Vivek Agnihotri's The Kashmir Files has become the centre of a raging controversy as the movie has been made tax-free in several BJP-rules states. BJP leaders, ministers, chief ministers and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi have spoken in favour of the movie.

Kejriwal was the latest to wade into the controversy as he said the movie should be uploaded on YouTube. "They (BJP) are demanding that the movie be declared tax-free in Delhi. Upload it on YouTube, the movie will become free and everyone will be able to watch it," he said amid cheers from his MLAs. "Some BJP members were raising slogans for making The Kashmir Filestax free and some were raising slogans for closing liquor shops. They even don't know what slogans to raise. Is this the reason you came to politics? To put up the poster of a movie? What will you say to your children?" Kejriwal said.

"Even Hitler gave jobs to his lackeys. What did he (Modi) give you? Kejriwal works even for you. If someone in your family is ill, Kejriwal provides you medicines, not Modi. Open your eyes, leave BJP and join AAP," Kejriwal said and then appealed to the BJP MLAs to not promote The Kashmir Files.

"Do whatever you want to do, but for the sake of god, stop wasting your time and position to promote this movie. It doesn't look good for the position you command. Don't act like children on the Internet, please," the chief minister said.

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