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Civil aviation ministry releases draft National Aerosports Policy 2022


The civil aviation ministry on Saturday released a draft National Aerosports Policy (NASP 2022) to leverage India’s ‘huge’ potential for air sports given its large geographical expanse, diverse topography and fair weather conditions. The draft policy, which has been on the drawing board for a year, aims to make India one of the top air sports nations by 2030.

The policy covers air sports activities such as air-racing, aerobatics, aeromodelling, hang gliding, paragliding, paramotoring, vintage aircraft, ballooning, drones and skydiving.

The government said that other than the direct revenue from air sports activities, the multiplier benefits in terms of growth of travel, tourism, infrastructure and local employment, especially in hilly areas of the country, are much greater.

According to the government, creating air sports hubs across the country will bring in air sports professionals and tourists from across the world.

“Air sports by their very nature involve a higher level of risk than flying a regular aircraft. NASP 2022 places strong focus on ensuring international best practices in safety. Inability to enforce safety standards by an air sports association may lead to penal action by the ASFI against such association including financial penalties, suspension or dismissal,” said the draft document which has been placed in the public domain to seek feedback.

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