• Harshita Malhotra

Indian Railways and ISRO develop a real time tracking system


"Indian Railways is installing a Real-Time Train Information System (RTIS), developed in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), on locomotives "for automatic acquisition of train movement timing at the stations, including that of arrival and departure or run-through", the Ministry of Railways said in a statement on Friday.

The Ministry said that RTIS will give mid-section updates with a periodicity of 30 seconds. "The Train Control can now track the location and speed of RTIS enabled locomotives /train more closely, without any manual intervention," it said. RTIS devices have been installed for 2700 locomotives in 21 electric loco sheds. As part of Phase-II roll out, 6000 more locomotives across 50 loco sheds shall be covered by utilizing ISRO's Satcom hub.

"Currently, GPS feed from around 6500 Locomotives (RTIS and REMMLOT) is being directly fed into the Control Office Application (COA). This has enabled automatic charting of trains and real time information flow to passengers through COA and NTES integration,